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What I Am Expecting From the EuroSTAR Submissions

  • 02/02/2017
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  • Posted by Iris Pinkster - O''Riordain

The submission deadline for EuroSTAR 2017 is approaching! This makes us, the Programme Committee very excited. We are wondering how many submissions we will face (experience tells this will be around 400 – 500). And we are curious to see what subjects are submitted.


What Ideas Will We See

Will it be a lot of Agile and Devops as these are very hip and happening? Or is test automation still one of the favourite topics? Or could it be that more the human factor is top of the bill? Hopefully submissions are spiced with magic; telling stories of what testing meant to people or what they have achieved. It might be that the magic comes from submissions of testers from countries that never visited EuroSTAR before: having those speakers on board will add different Magic to the event as new experiences and approaches might be shared.


Judging The Submissions

Of course all submissions will be judged in an objective way by the Programme Committee, together with a very experienced pool of reviewers. The review process will be double blind, so we don’t see who the speaker is. As well, all submissions will be reviewed by at least 2 people. This will minimise personal preferences.

We are really looking forward to start getting a great programme together for EuroSTAR 2017. And of course that is not possible without you. So already a thank you for all people who submitted and will be submitting!


Iris Pinkster


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