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Exploring and Interacting with Web Services – Demo for EuroStar, by Shmuel Gershon

  • 13/10/2010
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Hello EuroSTAR blog readers!
Like Monty Python says, “and now for something completely different“: I’ve been posting musings about software testing as a guest blogger, and thought… what about technical stuff? It’s not only philosophy in a software tester’s world! There’s also philosophy mixed with practice… :)

This is an attempt to leverage a question asked in a mailing-list into a demonstrative video of using SoapUI to explore web services and gain information about the web service software even when it is not documented in the specification. It is a great introduction for testers curious about Web Services or looking for a place to start exploring.

The result is below. A video primer on exploring and interacting with Web Services (link). The web service address is provided so you can practice while you watch.
Feel free to forward if you know someone who can benefit!

So, are you interested in a follow up on how to use the Groovy language to program SoapUI for automatic tasks that can help you in your tests?
Let know in the comments!

Shmuel Gershon

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