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Expo Stand Idea of the Week Vol.1

  • 18/09/2015
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The TEST Huddle Blog is the new home for all software testing articles produced for EuroSTAR by the software testing community. Moving forward the EuroSTAR blog (that’s right here!) is the place for company news, conference announcements, exhibition news, advice and information for attendees, would-be speakers and other partners.

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Taking part in an exhibition can be very difficult. We’ve seen lots of companies making exhibition mistakes over and over. But with good planning before the event, taking part in an exhibition can prove to be a very valuable and successful part of your company’s marketing activities – and that’s where we can help!

With just 6 weeks to go until the kick off of the 2015 EuroSTAR Conference, each week we will share some ideas to help you make your exhibition a huge success!

Exhibitions are the ideal opportunity to gain new customers (and of course, meet current customers!) but your engagement with attendees doesn’t just have to start when the expo opens it’s doors for the first time during the conference. Utilise your online marketing channels before the conference to build momentum pre-event.

1. Announce your participation

It’s always good to show that your company is participating in industry events but how are people going to know about it if you don’t tell them. Sure, when the Expo doors open the conference attendees will see that you are there but what about the people who aren’t at the conference? It’s good for them to hear about it too.

Share the news of your participation on your website, add it to your upcoming events section (like Neotys have done), put a button on your website saying ‘We’re attending the EuroSTAR Conference’, write a post about it on your blog, ask the event organisers can you include it in the official conference guide, last year Noesis even published it in local newspapers! – Tell people why you are looking forward to the event and what they can expect to see at your stand – will you be launching a new product/service? Will you be hosting a cool giveaway?

get social2. Get Social! 

Most conferences have a Facebook, a Twitter page, in EuroSTAR’s case we also have a LinkedIn Group (with over 3,000 members). Take a look at the channels that the conference use the most – that’s also where the attendees will be.

Find out what the conference hashtag is and start tweeting! The EuroSTAR Conference hashtag #esconfs is used on all pre-conference promotions and attendees use it to interact with one another before the event. Get involved in the conversation, it’s an easy way of letting attendees know that you will be there, engaging with them before the conference, and it’s also great FREE promotion.

blog series3. Write a blog series 

Writing a post announcing your participation is a great place to start but don’t just stop there.  We had an exhibitor before who blogged on ‘Where to go in Gothenburg‘ sharing his recommendations of where conference attendees should visit during their stay in the city and it was very popular. Or go through the conference programme and pick out the sessions you think are the “must-see” sessions of the week.  There is so much to talk about and its a great way of doing something valuable for the attendees before the conference and in turn, gets you more promotion.

4. Ask the organisers!

The organisers know their attendees and have years of experience hosting the conference – if you have any ideas run it by the organisers and get their feedback, they will have a great idea of what works and what doesn’t for a particular event.

Best of luck with your pre-conference planning!

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Emma has been working for EuroSTAR since 2012. She looks after EuroSTAR Social Media, helps the online team out with content etc. and also helps the Expo team looking after sponsors and helping them get ready for the conference!

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