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Expo Stand Idea of the Week Vol.3

  • 02/10/2015
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You’ve done all the preparation for the exhibition –  you’ve choose your stand design, ordered furniture, promoted your participation and decided on a really cool giveaway.

Next it’s time to finalise your plan for onsite.

The first thing to do is choose who will be representing your company at the stand. We’ve giving tips here on ‘Picking Your Dream Expo Team.

When you have decided who will be attending the conference make sure to give them a few tips on what to do and what not to do at the stand.

Motivate and train your stand staff. Especially if it’s their first conference.

Your company has invested a lot of money for the exhibition – make sure your staff understand exactly why they are there and what their objectives are for attending.

Have a meeting with the staff and go through the objectives, targets and plan for onsite.

Of course tell mention the obvious rules of exhibiting including: don’t seem too eager, ask open ended questions, obtain as much information as possible to determine if the person you are speaking to is a prospective etc. But go one step further and give them a few extra tips:

1. Have you got a sales script ready? Make a script so the team delivers a polished, consistent and effective message

2. Adhere to dress code

3. Keep the booth clean, tidy and well-organized

4. Wear comfortable shoes so that staff can remain standing

5. Beware of your body language – Keep your hands at your sides or folded behind your back – no crossed arms in front and definitely keep hands out of pockets

6. Be enthusiastic, confident and polite – nobody will want to talk to you if you look like you don’t want to be there.

7. Maintain good eye contact with visitors

8. Try to observe the 80/20 rule: listen to prospects 80% of the time and speak for 20%

9. Ask open-ended questions to help build a rapport with visitors and determine prospects’ needs – maybe compile a list of open questions as an example for your team

10. Save eating and drinking for your breaks – we have allocated break times for exhibitors during the EuroSTAR Conference so stand personnel aren’t eating and drinking while delegates are there.

Do you have any other tips/suggestions you would like to add?

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Emma has been working for EuroSTAR since 2012. She looks after EuroSTAR Social Media, helps the online team out with content etc. and also helps the Expo team looking after sponsors and helping them get ready for the conference!

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