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How Fast is the Cloud?

  • 03/08/2011
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We’ve been working on some research into the relative performance of various cloud offerings over recent weeks and I thought that it might be interesting to share the findings here. Last week Intechnica published a whitepaper based on this research, comparing the relative performance of MS Azure, AWS and VMWare from a local IaaS provider. In each case we used the same two-tier application with the same test data and ran performance tests to see how each platform stood up to the load.

The test application was nopCommerce, a two-tier .NET application which uses a SQL back-end.

Surprisingly we ended up with results that showed that cloud could be both faster…and slower than physical hardware which seems to have caused some interest in the UK IT press.

Business Cloud News “Speed of cloud no issue, say UK specialists

Force Architests ” Cloudup 29th July 2011 “Cloud beats physical infrastructure if configuration is right

The data chain “Cloud is just as fast as conventional hosting environments

Retail Technology “Cloud: fast and more reliable for retailers?

Microscope “Cloud is as fast as physical servers report claims


If you’d like to see the whitepaper, you can get a copy from Intechnica.

I’d be interested in any feedback that any readers of these articles might have on the research.

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