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My first blog: only one time to make a first impression

  • 31/08/2010
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This reminds me of my first phone call with Dorothy Graham. She called me about a submission for EuroSTAR 2009. She wanted more information about my submission ‘serving 2 masters: requirements and risks” ( /conferences/session-details.aspx?sessionId=70 ). I tried to explain to her my conclusion at the end was quite simple. I was as simple as ‘an egg of Columbus”. When I used the expression it was very quiet at the other side of the line. Then I realized that it is a very well know expression in the Netherlands but was it also a known expression in other countries? Obviously not, they only thing I could do was to explain the expression to Dorothy. I still don’t know what Dorothy thought about our conversation with this strange twist. At my company they still remind me, when something really obvious is happing: “Ard, this sounds like an egg of Columbus”.

Ard Kramer

Test consultant EclipseIT

PS Luckily I found out that you can find out what it is on the English Wikipedia ( ) and I am convinced that testers have a lot of those moments so I propose to make the expression one of the standard expressions of a tester, “the egg of C”. almost as good as “42” or ” RTFM

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