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Five things to spend your Super Early Bird savings on

  • 26/05/2014
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There is just five days left to avail of the Super Early Bird offer where you can

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What can I do with all this extra cash in my pocket?

Here are a few suggestions on things to do in Dublin and still have a whopping €373.65 left over…

The Guinness Storehouse

Adult: €14.85

guinness storehouse (200x150)No trip to Ireland is complete without sampling our world famous Guinness and what better place to try it than the home of Guinness itself, the Guinness Storehouse.

At Guinness Storehouse you’ll discover all there is to know about the world’s most famous beer. A dramatic story that begins 250 years ago and ends…where else – in the Gravity bar with a complimentary pint of the black stuff.

Find out more about the Guinness Storehouse

Kilmainham Gaol

Adult: €6.00 (first come first serve basis)

kilmainham gaol (200x133)For those of you who are interested in the history of Irish political unrest, the Kilmainham Gaol is a must see. Built in 1792, it is Ireland’s most famous disused prison. It held throughout the years many famous Nationalists and Republicans in members of the Society of United Irishmen (1798), Young Irelanders (c1840s), Fenians and Land agitators, Parnell, Davitt. The leaders of the 1916 Ester Rising were executed here. The prison was closed in 1924. This building gives a good insight into the history of Irish Republicanism.

Find out more about Kilmainham Gaol

Dublin Zoo

Adult €16.50

dublin zoo (200x133)If you are planning on bringing the family along with you, the Dublin Zoo is perfect for a day out. Located in the stunning Phoenix Park in the heart of Dublin city, Dublin Zoo is Ireland’s most popular family attraction, and welcomed over one million visitors last year.

As one of the world’s oldest, yet popular zoos, the 28 hectare park in the heart of Dublin is home to some 400 animals in safe environment where education and conservation combine for an exciting and unforgettable experience!

Finf out more about Dublin Zoo

The Old Jameson Distillery

Adult: €14.00

the old jameson distillery (200x133)In Ireland we like to drink whiskey with our Guinness (also known as a “Guinness and Chaser“) so why not check out the the Old Jameson Distillery. In the heart of the city, The Old Jameson Distillery is so much more than just a tour, it is an exciting and engaging experience, guaranteed to enlighten and entertain any visitor.

Re-live the story of John Jameson & Son through the history, the atmosphere and above all the taste. Follow the path through malting, milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling and maturing. You will discover the time honored secret of how three simple ingredients- water, barley and yeast – are transformed into the smooth golden spirit that has always been and continues to be Jameson Irish Whiskey.

After the Tour, all visitors are rewarded with a Jameson signature drink and lucky volunteers are selected to participate in a tutored whiskey comparison and earn a much coveted personalised Whiskey Taster Certificate.

Find out more about the Old Jameson Distillery

National Gallery of Ireland

Adult: €FREE (Suggested donation €5)

national gallery of ireland (200x126)The national Gallery is one of the many free tourist attraction in Dublin that are well worth a visit. This purpose-built gallery was opened to the public in 1864. It houses many excellent exhibits, with more than 2,000 works on display. Although there is much emphasis on Irish Landscape art and portraits, every major school of European painting is well represented.

Find out more about the National Galery of Ireland

Other free popular tourist attractions are the National Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology and History)

Why not register a group and save even more money!

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