EuroSTAR Extras

EuroSTAR are delighted to partner with Security Innovation this year to bring you Shadow Bank. At the annual EuroSTAR conference, there are many opportunities to get to try out your testing skills. This year we are giving you the opportunity to test your skills in a virtual bank!

As part of the Huddle programme at EuroSTAR 2020, Shadow Bank will give you the opportunity to test your security testing skills.

What is It?


Shadow Bank is a virtual simulated online Bank.

It has all the features of a regular online bank poetal including accounts, access to loans, access to buying and selling stocks and more. Players will be tasked with finding and exploiting these vulnerabilities within Shadow Bank’s functionality which includes:

  • Creating accounts
  • Transferring funds
  • Buying and selling stocks
  • Viewing past transactions
  • Requesting loans
  • Posting to a forum


When is it Happening?

Shadow Bank will be part of the EuroSTAR Huddle pr

ogramme at EuroSTAR 2020. The game will be open from 14:00 – 18:00 (CET). At 14:00 Chad Holmes of Security Innovation will launch the game with a quick explainer on how to play the game.

How Do I Play?

To take part all you need to do is complete the form below. You can register any time up to 07:00 Wednesday



Is there Prizes?

There will be Amazon vouchers to be given away during the event. These Amazon vouchers will be randomly awarded throughout the event.





The CMD+CTRL Cyber Range Shadow Bank is brought to you by Security Innovation.

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