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Graphic Interpretations by Esther Gons

  • 06/11/2012
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Digital artist Esther Gons is attending the 2012 EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference and creating illustrations of a selection of track presentations and keynote speeches. Below you can see Esther’s drawing from the first keynote presented by Alan Page of Microsoft.


Esther Gons

Wilg, Esther Gons in real life, is a (digital) creative information strategist with a visual spatial mind. This holistic, conceptual way of thinking makes it easier to see connections and the basics in complex ideas and information flows. Apart from years of experience in (online) communication, tech and innovation, lean startup movement and project management, her visualization skills prove an added value in strategy, innovation, change or brainstorm sessions, bringing both expertise and insight/oversight.

See more of Esther’s work here:

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