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Espoo, Helsinki Meet-Up | TeamSTAR 2017

  • 29/08/2017
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As part of the TeamSTAR 2017 competition we have invited teams from all over Europe to host their own meet-ups and share in “The Magic of Testing”. You can find details of all the Meet-ups here. This is the details of the Helsinki meet-up that will take place on 28th August. 


Location: Alberga Business Park, Building B, Bertel Jung Square 7, Espoo, Helsinki, Finland

Date: Thursday 7th September

Time: 08:30

Register: Sign Up


Test your experiences or technology?

Oh, the times when the tester was allowed to be alone with software, bugs, and other testers. As the everyday life of people and businesses has been digitalized, an increasing share of work has shifted to testing experiences, experiences and fluency.

The role of the tester has changed and will move to be even closer to the customer.

The significance of the customer understanding in the work of the tester and the quality assurance officer also increases. Excellent customer experience is one of the key features of high quality software.

What is being tested when testing customer experience? The user experience is not the same as the customer experience and the customer experience resides between one’s ears. How can it be accessed by testing and testing the benefits of testing for customer experience testing?

We invite quality assurance professionals and business associates to the Qentinel TeamSTAR Roadshow Meetup to discuss the theme of Magic of Testing: what customer experience and customer understanding mean in testing.

Qentinel TeamSTAR Roadshow Meetup 2017, part of the November EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference in Copenhagen, will be held on Thursday 7th September at 8.30am.


9.00: opening words 
9.10: Introductory talk from Sara Toivakais and Teemu Vesala 
9.30-10.30: Workshops 
10.30-11.15:  discontinuation and discussion of workshops 
11.15:  closure

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