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Hi, please help me!!! by Ajay Balamurugadas

  • 04/10/2010
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As a tester, I feel it is good to gather information from as many sources as possible. The more information we have about any process or product, it might help us in our testing activity. Interactions with testers from different backgrounds might help us to understand different contexts. So, I try to be online on Skype, Gmail and always ready to participate in any discussion on twitter.

Most of the interactions with testers has always helped me learn something new. I have been very fortunate to interact with testers of different experience. Some of the tester are just fresh out of college and some are very experienced in the field for quite some time now. Every experience is unique in its own way and I learn about myself each time.
After multiple interactions with many testers, I am sorry to see a pattern. Some testers want quick answers to their problems and want a one solution for all problems.
Some of the questions are as follows:

• Our product has to be supported on 60 mobiles. We test only on simulators for some mobiles but people say that testing on simulators is not effective. What do I do? How to obtain maximum testing coverage?
• I got a job offer from a company which is into voice recognition software. i’m in a dilemma. Should I join or not?
• I have lost my Skype user id and password. Please help me.
• I am interested to know about current/past research on s/w testing. Please give me any links if you know.

testing industry is become stagnant now a days. do u know any load runner training institutes

Are you still with me after the above questions? How do you feel?

Why do I feel that some so-called-testers are not fortunate enough to be in the right environment for testers?
Why do so many testers not read books, participate in online discussions, attend conferences, participate in conferences, blog/tweet?
What stops them from learning this way?
Why do so many people want quick answers and are not willing to work hard?
Should we care about such people; should we try to help them?
Will their attitude affect our community?
I don’t know. I have more questions than answers. What do you say?

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