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This is your (Hub) Captain speaking

  • 19/10/2012
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The Community Hub finally arrives at EuroSTAR! Probably inspired by an idea from that forward thinking tester, Brett Gonzales, the room just off the main Exhibition Hall is a place for testers to meet testers. It is your space – conference attendees determine any message board content and threads, and those all important one-to-one testing conversations.

The room is open from Tuesday morning to the end of the conference, but only necessarily manned during break times. Aiming to be a meeting place and where impromptu debates take place, you will control whether it achieves its purposes – does it work for you? It’s up to you to make it better venue for us all. I am sure some wonderful encounters will take place when the Hub Captain is away from the flight deck!

Throughout the conference, various activities are on-going. There is a book-signing over Wednesday lunch-time, and (probably) another at the same time on Thursday. A brief flyer is available (primarily for first-time attendees) to get the best out of the EuroSTAR conference – obviously best picked up earlier during your conference experience.

We have arranged a testers’ dinner on the Tuesday evening – the first nineteen to sign-up (list “opens” at 12:30 on Tuesday lunch-time – in The Community Hub) will join me at a local restaurant. I have no idea who I will be eating with that evening (not even one person) – exciting!

From and including Tuesday lunch-time, each break will have one or more ‘soap-box’ sessions, where some wonderful people (and eminent testers) have 5 minutes to make you think, laugh or cry, all around ‘testing’. Here’s two to whet the appetite: “The best test technique (in 7 sentences)” and “All testing is exploratory”. Now those should be worth hearing. The list of speakers and titles will be available – in The Community Hub.

Warm, welcoming, inclusive, friendly and convenient – that’s The Community Hub.

Peter Morgan, host of The Community Hub, 2012

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