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Introducing our EuroSTAR 2011 VideoSTAR

  • 30/06/2011
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Malini Mohan was the winner of this years VideoSTAR contest and as a reward will now present her presentation ‘Teamwork within the Test Team’ at EuroSTAR 2011 in Manchester later this year. You can take a look at Malini’s winning video below:


A little about Malini:

I am currently working in Hitachi consulting company, Hyderabad – India, as a Senior Principal Consultant. Alongside my work place commitments, I try contributing to software testing communities. I am very passionate about my work, software testing and trying to make a difference in the testing profession. My experience and focus is purely software testing and most of my engagements include test management. I have experience in providing test leadership and project management to software testing projects.

What I am currently doing to achieve those aspirations?

IT is complex and constantly evolving; so test engineers are required to have different skill sets and a different mindset, or a certain unique style to address the growing challenges. I am therefore trying to help and find the opportunity to contribute to the software testing community to overcome those challenges.

What would I like to grow?

My focus area to grow is – What’s next for me to grow, as a Software Test Engineer. How am i going to add value to the testing community?

What does it mean to me to win this competition?

I am very excited about EuroSTAR’s new winning opportunity, and I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for this opportunity. To win the VideoSTAR competition was a special thrill for me, as it was the first international completion I ever won.

It was a very humbling experience to win the VideoSTAR competition, especially given the achievement of the other winners. I feel as though this award encourages me to continue to strive more for excellence, still positively contributing to the software testing community. I like when I get recognition for my hard work. I want to dedicate this honor and reward to my family members and HCC (Hitachi Consulting) colleagues for their extensive support.


Does all this mean that winning is the most important thing?

Winning is the only substantive good that runs through all competition. Most importantly, this VideoSTAR competition taught me how to be more competitive and also it taught me that being competitive is not a bad thing but contrived competition is. We are all naturally competitive that means we can cope with failure (we should expose ourselves to failure). I was hesitant and self-conscious to ask people to vote for me – if I fail then I don’t want to hear from people saying – ‘oh dear, never mind, you had a go but they were better than you’. Gradually during the course of the competition, I was able to take away my fear/shyness of how people would react to my failure.

What are the other benefits that I have received from the VideoSTAR competition?

Every form of competition has an ancillary benefit, but it’s not a benefit that’s necessary to the pursuit of competition in general. The number one benefit is to have a keen eye on doing anything I can! More importantly I have got a good exposure to the other part of the world and group of new testing folks. I am sure that I am going to have a wonderful learning experience from each one of them.

Why did I choose “Team Work within the Test Team”?

I have chosen a Topic “Team Work within the Test Team” because I haven’t seen many of us attempting to take a general topic to ensure the BASE all over again. I am trying to re-ensure how we can encourage team work within the TESTING team, and how we can enable a great software testing team to actively participate at a level higher than just an individual contributor-instead of merely finding and reporting a Priority 2 / Severity 2 bug, a great software tester can identify strategic strengths and weaknesses of a software system that can ultimately lead to a business competitive advantage.

Testing can mean many different things depending on who is doing it, and where in a process it is being performed. The programmers, administrators, end users, and consultants all have something different in mind when they are testing. A dedicated testing team can often feel lost in the competing interpretations, and most definitely with less motivation and encouragement from management.
Every other author, including me, would love to concentrate on some new upcoming technologies and terminologies to connect to software testing, and inform the testing community how we would adopt and accommodate the new technologies and solutions. We will be discussing the existing technical issues – Why aren’t people related issues discussed within the test team? I wanted to share how differently testers can contribute to the overall business goal with a sense of ownership as well creation of a flexible testing team which is well aware of the organization’s needs:

• Reduce time and cost
• More visibility
• Smarter way to do testing
• Test reduction techniques in the process
• Test automation of tools
• Optimal utilization of workforce
• Easy deployment of employees across projects
• Increased productivity and better quality of deliverables

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