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Introducing OdinSTAR 2017

  • 17/03/2017
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You’ve seen the sneak peaks…

odinstar teaser 1

You’ve seen the teaser trailer…


Now it’s time to tell you the details

What is OdinSTAR?

OdinSTAR is an exciting new one-day testing conference from EuroSTAR in partnership with the Norwegian Computer Society / Den Norske Dataforening (DND) and Odin, the largest software test conference in Norway. Bringing together the best Norwegian software testing minds and international thought-leaders. OdinSTAR aims to address the challenges of testing professionals in Norway – by learning from the experience of others and fostering greater collaboration and networking among Norwegian test professionals.

We are delighted to deepen our ties with the DND and to progress together towards a common goal of advancing the craft of software testing. OdinSTAR extends our valued friendship and brings Norwegian testers closer to the European testing community – a joint commitment between the DND and EuroSTAR for over 10 years.


What can you expect from OdinSTAR?

The programme for the very first OdinSTAR Software Testing Conference includes 2 half-day workshops and 2 keynotes from leading international testing experts Alan Richardson and Ray Arell

The afternoon will feature three of Norway’s software testing experts offering their own insights into better testing. The details of these afternoon talks will be confirmed on March 27th. 


OdinSTAR – a day of software testing sorcery is taking place on May 11th 2017 in Oslo. Like Odin’s ravens, Huginn and Muninn, we have toured the earth in search of knowledge for the Norwegian testing community


Join us this May 11th and test like gods!




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