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Janet Gregory: Agile Testing Webinar

  • 09/08/2012
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EuroSTAR is delighted to present Janet Gregory as speaker for our forthcoming webinar on August 16th. Janet explores the mind-set change facing agile testers and the importance of adopting to early and incremental testing.

The 30 minute webinar will be hosted live and followed by a questions & answers session with Janet, with the full Q&A session being made available here on the blog shortly after Thursday’s presentation.

Webinar Summary

On traditional projects, testers tend to join the project after coding has started, or sometimes almost finished. Testers and programmers may not communicate except through the defect tracking system. On agile projects, testing skills are very important but can be applied in different ways. Janet talks about some of the ways to change a tester’s mindset from “How can I break the software?” to “How can I help deliver software successfully?” Part of that mind-set change, is learning how to test early and incrementally.

To register for the webinar, visit the GoTo Webinar platform here.

This is the fifth webinar presented by EuroSTAR in 2012, with plenty more to follow in the weeks and months ahead. Take a look back at some others presented by EuroSTAR in 2012:
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Janet Gregory will speak at EuroSTAR 2012 in Amsterdam

Janet will host a full day tutorial at our annual software testing conference which takes place from 5-8 November at the RAI in Amsterdam. Janet’s tutorial, entitled “Transitioning to Agile Testing”, takes place on Monday 5th November at 08:30 local time. To find out more about the tutorial or to register for EuroSTAR 2012, follow this link.

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