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Just for laughs :) :)

  • 13/10/2010
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I enjoy the developer – tester mails that float around  J  and hence putting up a couple of funny write up on the same. You may have received them as email forwards earlier on. No problem, you may read them once again and laugh some more J

A software developer/tester convention was being held. On the train to the convention, there were a bunch of developer majors and a bunch of tester majors. Each of the developer majors had his/her train ticket. The group of testers had only ONE ticket for all of them. The developer majors started laughing and snickering. Then, one of the software testers said, “here comes the conductor” and then all of the testers went into the bathroom. The developer majors were puzzled. The conductor came aboard and said “tickets please” and got tickets from all the developer majors. He then went to the bathroom and knocked on the door and said “ticket please” and the testers stuck the ticket under the door. The conductor took it and then the testers came out of the bathroom a few minutes later. The developer majors felt really stupid. So, on the way back from the convention, the group of developer majors decided to buy only   one ticket for the group. They started snickering at the testers, for the whole group had no tickets amongst them. Then, the tester lookout said “Conductor coming!” All the testers went to one bathroom. All the developer majors went to another bathroom. Then, before the conductor came on board, one of the testers left the bathroom, knocked on the other bathroom, and said “ticket please.”
Lesson learned: Any test that passed in unit testing can fail in system testing.

Here’s a one-question Test to help you decide how suitableYou are for any software testing position:There is a mute who wants to buy a toothbrush.   By imitating the action of brushing one’s teeth, he successfullyexpresses himself to the shopkeeper and the purchase is done. Now, if there is a blind man who wishes to buy a pair of sunglasses, how shouldhe express himself?Think about it first before scrolling down for the answer……………………………………..……………………..

He opens his mouth and says. “I would like to buy a pair of sunglasses.”
If you got this wrong, please do not apply for any software testing position.

You wanna share some more with me . Go ahead . I am all ears  J


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