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Knowledge sharing among teams: work worlds field trips and science fairs

  • 13/07/2011
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The below tweets left me thinking, and base for this blog post:

“@lisacrispin: Some folks from another s/w co did a field trip to our office today, they enjoyed seeing our setup & automation & stuff, fun talking 2 them”

“@lisacrispin: We really need to share info and ideas better between companies – my team has gotten a lot of good ideas from ‘field trips'”
— Field trips, science fair – all these are the only out of box moments we get when in school, where we try to apply our learnt skills to practical use, interact and learn from our peers.

Agree or not, our industry ‘computer science’, let there be 1000 subsects under than say software testing, development. dba, security etc., requires constant learning to stay updates and excel in whatever we do, which is we are in school again, but this field trips and science fair are missing for many of us, for several reasons:

1. We are boring / lazy and unconnected
2. We don’t have enough time for that stuff.

Many do take part in field trips in the name of client visits, job change etc, and science fair in the name of public tech events, similar to EuroSTAR 2011.

But for the above specified people who don’t have enough time or even money for those stuff, i strongly hope their company will help, if they really care to grow and use best in industry employees.

As stated in ReWork book, there isn’t any secret receipe in business, knowledge has to be shared, when you allow field trips from one company to another, both improve, the visiting techie might be your free consultant giving advice something should have been done etc, similarly he will gather knowledge from field tripped country. if the companies are in competition this field trip will only help improvements of both company work functions etc.

How field trips and science fair’s can be organized in a company?

1. Let the employee get in people to people contact with other company employee and get permission for the field trip
2. Let company get in mutual agreement with other companies for mutual field trips for the employee
3. Encourage employee to share off the subject ideas
4. Let the employees work on such subject at permitted office hours and track results(important)
5. If you are funded enough you can invite other company and independent people to showcase their work at your permisses

How nice the world will be when we share knowledge in person?


Shanmuga Raja is a software tester from India, specializing in contact center and telecom products verticals, he regularly blogs at, with respect to software testing he enjoys doing functionality testing, module testing, exploratory testing, analyzing complex algorithms. when not testing he loves to do search engine optimization, read books, develop test solutions using ruby, ms sql server, tcl, watir.
he can be found at –

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