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Kraków Meet-Up | TeamSTAR 2017

  • 29/08/2017
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As part of the TeamSTAR 2017 competition we have invited teams from all over Europe to host their own meet-ups and share in “The Magic of Testing”. You can find details of all the Meet-ups here. This is the details of the Kraków meet-up happening on 29th August. 


Location: Kraków, Poland Date: Tuesday 29th August  



ChmurQAOpen Mobile Apps Testing workshop, where testers learnt how to test mobile apps professionally and at the same time made our city Kraków a better place to live.

On Tuesday 29th August, Kraków Testers community called KraQA gathered on the boat to test very popular mobile app for the benefit of all city citizens and thousands of visitors. The agenda below was so interesting that almost 150 people registered for the workshop. Original plan was pretty simple – promote testing profession among “regular citizens”, learn how to test mobile apps, make our city better place to live, drink some beer and have fun! All at the same time:).

  1. People download the app before the event.
  2. Opening ceremony, teams registration.
  3. “Testing  mobile apps in practice” lecture.
  4. Testing in groups with support of mobile app testing professionals (workshop), defects registration.
  5. Rewards for most active teams, funniest bugs, best suggestions, etc.

Unfortunately we were able to accommodate “only” 80 people, but don’t worry if you couldn’t make it, we already plan the second round J.

The meeting went great, people worked really hard to test popular mobile app for Kraków visitors and citizens – We started with presentation about mobile testing…



…and then people formed groups and worked together…


ChmurQATeamSTAR Kraków ChmurQA TeamSTAR Kraków ChmurQA 4

Supported by our experts and organizers:


TeamSTAR Kraków ChmurQA

TeamSTAR Kraków ChmurQA

At the end most interesting issue was rewarded, as well as most effective team – winners got free entry to testing conference and voucher for online productivity course.

TeamSTAR Kraków ChmurQA 9



TeamSTAR Kraków ChmurQA TeamSTAR Kraków ChmurQA

After all people just stay together for few hours having some beer and long discussions about software testing. The feedback we got was really encouraging:


“Very interesting event, a lot of fun and practice.”


“You guys are crazy!”


“Thanks for the invite, we need to repeat that.”



During  the 2 and a half hour workshop people identified 234 issues…

TeamSTAR Kraków ChmurQA

…which (after cleaning and elimination of duplicates), will be delivered to city management and hopefully fixed for benefit of all people using this app (more than 10 000 installations). All attendees learn a lot about specifics of mobile apps and typical challenges in mobile apps tester life.

We, as organizers, also learnt a lot:

  • First of all – workshops are always better than just lectures – the energy and fun connected with common effort is one of a kind!
  • Secondly – huge things can be done in few hours, you need just motivated people, good organization and few leaders and experts to show direction and take care about logistic.
  • Last but not least – it’s not so difficult and definitely worth to try and get out of testing world and cooperate with people responsible for city governance and communication or just regular citizens. We learn from them, they learn from us about testing and its value.


So we have no choice and already started planning next edition of ChmurQA – feel invited! :)


As you can see, people got very creative when using the stuff  that EuroSTAR sent us. 

TeamSTAR Krakow

You can find detailed summary blogpost (in Polish) and photos here and the the meetup details together with some comments and photos as well are here


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