Last Year’s Commnity Huddle Leaders

Huddle Team

These are the people you will encounter if you visit the Community Huddle. Nathalie, Jan and Aleksei are here to help you. So whether it is the first time at the Conference, you are an experienced EuroSTARer they are there to help you out. They will be organising the Soapbox sessions, Open Space and Lean Coffee. So keep an eye out for them and make sure you say hello.

Nathalie Van Delft (@FunTESTic)nathalie-van-delft-2

Nathalie has been involved in IT (professionally) since 1997 and is involved Software Testing since 2004. She is very passionate about (software) testing in general, but the subjects Data Warehouse Testing, E2E-testing, Standardization, Ethics/Philosophy and Test Architecture (Framework) are most favourite. Nathalie has been involved in the Community Huddle (originally Hub) since it’s inception and is looking forward to returning to it this year.

Jan Sahlström (@testsson_se)jan-sahlstrom

Jan has been working in IT since the late 80’s. A long and winding road via internal IT, project management, product management and knowledge management finally brought him into the software testing community. Initially working with hands on testing in a RUP environment at the turn of the millennia he soon joined the agile testing movement.  He have gradually focused more and more on processes and techniques to improve how the whole team can deliver high quality software in a continuous manner. Jan attended his first EuroSTAR conference in Amsterdam in 2003 and his fifth and latest in Gothenburg 2013.

Aleksei Fedorovaleksei-fedorov

Aleksei is a Test Lead focused on test process improvement, with a broad understanding of test techniques and capabilities, imbibing experience from world test leaders. Aleksei would describe himself as often the interface between client requirements and programmers/developers, understanding business requirements and ensuring these requirements are met. He has experience in making sense and providing clarity in volatile and pressure environments and managing qualitative delivery against milestones.