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Latest Blogs Posts From Huddle – September 14th

  • 14/09/2016
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Testing Reservoir Engineering Software

Discover the challenges and future of reservoir engineering products.

Some Organizational – And Technical Challenges Of Implementing Test Data Management
Within the ICT department of a large financial institution in the Netherlands, a transition is taking place from traditional system development to DevOps.

 “Shift Left” When You Build Test Cases At The Same Time As You Design Your Program
It is difficult to pick up a piece of marketing material nowadays without the phrase “Shift Left” being used in the first paragraph.

Is Test Automation A Silver Bullet?
Before you jump to the conclusion, you should read this

Can You Read Cucumber Specs? Developing The Right Product.
Do you ever ask yourself “Are we developing the right product?”

Start-Up Series – Part Two: Understand Who Your Customer Is And The Route To Market
Gordon returns with another post on surviving and thriving as a software testing start-up.

Why Test Data Management Is Key To Your Competitive Advantage
The Innovation Dilemma Across all industries, speed is a critical business imperative. And now more than ever, applications are at the centre of this race.

DevOps and Shifting Left
Do you test within DevOps? See how shifting left can support DevOps


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Daragh Murphy

Daragh is Content Marketing Specialist for EuroSTAR Conferences & Huddle. An avid rugby fan, Daragh loves to watch Munster and Ireland games. If you see him at the EuroSTAR Conference he might have a video camera in his hand - stop him and ask him about his beagler (beagle/king charles cavalier cross) pup Nelson.

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