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Latest eBooks, On-Demand Webinars, Blog Posts & Discussions From TEST Huddle – September 23rd

  • 23/09/2016
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Latest eBooks


remaining-relevant-and-employable-tester-edition-thumbnailRemaining Relevant & Employable
Tester Edition

by Rob Lambert (NewVoiceMedia)

In this eBook you will:

  • Discover the bright future in testing
  • Learn to structure your learning with some useful sources of information.
  • Tips on how to do well in a phone interview.

and more >>>


effective-python-penetration-testing-thumbnailEffective Python Penetration Testing
by Rejah Rehim (FAYA, India)

In this eBook you will:

  • learn to analyse network traffic by writing Scrapy scripts
  • Learn to write basic attack scripts
  • Develop debugging and reverse engineering skills with Python libraries
  • Discover how to utilise cryptography tool kits in Python

and more >>>


continuous-testing-in-hpe-thumbnailContinuous Testing in Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Increasing delivery speed & quality for Agile and DevOps teams
Malcolm Isaacs (HPE Software)

In this eBook you will:

  • Realise the benefits of continuous testing
  • Discover how continuous testing can improve quality & increase velocity
  • Learn how you can get started with implementing Continuous Testing

and more >>>



Latest On-Demand Webinars

New Model Testing: A New Test Process and Tool

with Paul Gerrard (Gerrard Consulting, UK)

In this webinar, Paul describes his experiences of building and using a bot for paired testing.


Using Selenium 3.0

with Simon Stewart (The Selenium Project, UK)

In this webinar, Simon Stewart walked us through the new Selenium 3.0 release.


Thinking Through Your Role

with James Bach (Satisfice Inc., USA) and Jon Bach (eBay, USA)

In this webinar, James & Jon presented and discussed the outcomes from their new class on ‘Reinventing Testers’


Practical Test Strategy Using Heuristics

with Huib Schoots (Improve QS, Netherlands)

This webinar teaches participants how to make a thorough and diversified test strategy based on the Heuristic Test Strategy Model (HTSM)


Testing Cloud Native Applications

with Pini Reznik (Container Solutions, Netherlands)

In this webinar, Pini explained the concept of cloud native applications and showed development and testing techniques that help to build complex systems.




Latest Blogs

Testing Reservoir Engineering Software
Discover the growth software testing in the reservoir engineering industry

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The benefits of distributed load test centres can be seen as an invaluable tool for e-businesses that serve local, regional, national, and global audiences.

7 Performance Testing Fallacies Undermining Your Test Strategy
Sofía Palamarchuk discusses some common fallacies about performance tests specifically, and how they can end up costing testers and developers significantly more than they should.

Test In The Future – How To Prepare?
How much time and effort is needed to learn how to test new technologies?

Modernizing Test Data Management Is Key To Digital Business
In a digital business world, software becomes one of the most important differentiators.

Quality Management Office – Let Us Lead Projects By Quality
I would like to share the idea of leading projects by quality and not by so called management



Featured Discussions

What are you Watching Right Now?
So now that the days are closing in, what TV shows are you looking forward to watching? Do you have any recommendations for us?

Qualities of a bad tester?
What distinguishes a bad tester from a good one?

Selenium With Python Or Selenium with Java?
Which is the best option to take for your career?  Or is one a better choice than the other?

Who’s Coming to EuroSTAR? Introduce yourself
If you are lucky enough to be a delegate at EuroSTAR 2016 this year, this is a great way to introduce yourself to fellow delegates and see who else is going.

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