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The Linnea Nordström Fund

  • 30/01/2018
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In November 2017 EuroSTAR Conferences celebrated our 25th Conference in Copenhagen. This was a monumental occasion dates all the way back to October in 1993.

To commemorative this significant landmark we asked 25 friends of EuroSTAR to pen short chapter for this software testing pocketbook entitled “The Little Book of Testing Wisdom”. Over the course of the last quarter century, this list of luminaries has contributed significantly to the field of software testing but also to the continued success of EuroSTAR – as a conference – and more broadly as a community committed to advancing the craft of software testing.

 A number of these limited-edition books were given out exclusively at the 25th Conference. Later it was agreed that we would make the book available for purchase through this website for a special cause.

The Linnea Nordström fund. Daughter of Kristoffer, Linnea was sadly diagnosed with a brain tumour called DIPG, the most aggressive type. The heart-breaking diagnosis comes with a minimal chance of survival. However the “Nordström’s refused to accept defeat! They travelled to Mexico for a revolutionary treatment – “She receives a multi-modal treatment of approved and established drugs directly into the area in the brain affected via Intra Arterial Chemotherapy”. Much to the everyone’s delight the tumour started to decrease, however to fight this disease, Linnea will need multiple rounds of this extremely expensive treatment.

Friend of EuroSTAR, Kristoffer Nordström put out an appeal to the software testing community in order to raise some much-needed funds to save this little girl and the #savinglinnea took off. We witnessed some incredible acts of kindness from various people and organisations.

The EuroSTAR team wanted to do something special, we set ourselves a target of €10,000 to help this worthy cause. We devised a strategy and put the appeal out to our amazing community.

So many of you rallied behind us and together we managed to raise a whopping €14,250! All that is left to do is to thank the community who donated so generously and wish the Nordström’s the very best.  

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