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Looking forward to the EuroSTAR Test Lab

  • 24/10/2012
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The Test Lab is hosted in the Expo Hall by Bart Knaack and Martin Jansson. Bart & Martin will be joined by Apprentices Kristoffer Ankaberg and Ru Cindrea. Here, Kristoffer outlines his expectations for this year’s Lab.

Reading through the Test Lab Programme of the upcoming EuroSTAR event. There we have Randall Rice on “testing tools” – an excellent topic for a Test Lab if you ask me. “Siegfried Goeschl: Performance testing from a USB stick”, what? I definitely has to observe that a little bit closer. … Many prominent names in their right context, indeed.

But then I find what I’m looking for – no, not the “Beer Session” on Tuesday evening – but “Testing Dojo: Markus Gärtner”. “Testing Dojo” is basically a test training approach, or more precise a place where you can practicing your skills, typically based on a mission to completing, or maybe not completing, because the completing of the mission is not the important – it’s what you have learned during your mission that is the important. I would not be surprised if the concept of Testing Dojo gets its big breakthrough in this single one hour session on Wednesday in the EuroSTAR Test Lab,

However, a Test Lab is nothing without its users – the testers. You can learn things from books and lectures but the wisdom you gain from that could hardly be transformed into skills if you don’t practice, and that is something I hope to see much of in the Test Lab – both for myself and others. I very much look forward to confer with testers, share stories with testers, exchange experiences with testers, and test with testers.

It will be a tough challenge in the Test Lab to “compete” with the excellent EuroSTAR sessions this year, but I’m rather confident that if you opt out of a session or two, in favor of the Test Lab, it will definitely not be seen as waste of time!


Kristoffer Ankarberg, Senior Specialist in test methods at Ericsson AB, or more accurate Tester, Test Coordinator, Test Leader, Test Process Developer, Test Strategist, Test Analyst and Philosopher. Started his career path as a software developer in 1995 to concentrate his effort in software testing the following year. Acting according to the motto; Everything is testable, but not necessarily verifiable.

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