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Manual Testers Don’t Grow on Trees

  • 07/06/2011
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Remove Your Manual Testing Bottlenecks

In today’s day and age, it should be possible for the results of tests to be automatically documented in detail for defect diagnosis or re-use purposes, removing the tedium of manual screen prints. We should also be able to transition from manual testing into automation by converting manual results into automated test scripts. This approach can cut up to half the time spent in manual software testing and provides a fast start to automation.

Increase Test Coverage

With the bulk of testing still carried out manually, it’s not surprising that organisations have low levels of test coverage and throughput. Using a solution that makes defect capture faster provides more time to increase the test coverage. In addition, the process captured from the manual test feeds automation and further increases coverage in shorter timescales. Increased coverage will eliminate more errors, improving the quality of your applications and increasing business satisfaction.

Capture Business Knowledge During Exploratory Testing

Why let your manual testing efforts go to waste? A dynamic manual testing solution should capture everything that your users are doing. Every mouse click, every submission made during a test is recorded and documented as a script, which can then feed your next testing cycle. In addition, testers should be able to create valuable documentation that can be used for training, business process documentation during the process. Wouldn’t that make more sense for exploratory testing?

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