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Meet The EuroSTAR Volunteers

  • 11/10/2016
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So as we get closer to the Conference, it’s time to get to know the Volunteers that you will be encountering at the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference this year.

The volunteers will play an important part at the Conference. The EuroSTAR areas; the Test Clinic, EuroSTAR Huddle and Test Clinic are all staffed by volunteers who want to help you get the best out of Europe’s largest software testing Conference. So let’s meet the Volunteers.


EuroSTAR Huddle

The Huddle is the place to talk about testing. The Huddle will feature Soapbox sessions, Open Space, Lean Coffee and more. The guys who will be looking after this are:

Nathalie Van Delft nathalie-van-delft-2

Nathalie has been involved in IT (professionally) since 1997 and is involved Software Testing since 2004. She is very passionate about (software) testing in general, but the subjects Data Warehouse Testing, E2E-testing, Standardization, Ethics/Philosophy and Test Architecture (Framework) are most favourite. Nathalie has been involved in the Community Huddle (originally Hub) since it’s inception and is looking forward to returning to it this year.

IF you are new to the Conference and need some help, Nathalie will be glad to help you out.



Jan Sahlström jan-sahlstrom

Jan has been working in IT since the late 80’s. A long and winding road via internal IT, project management, product management and knowledge management finally brought him into the software testing community. Initially working with hands on testing in a RUP environment at the turn of the millennia he soon joined the agile testing movement.  He have gradually focused more and more on processes and techniques to improve how the whole team can deliver high quality software in a continuous manner. Jan attended his first EuroSTAR conference in Amsterdam in 2003 and his fifth and latest in Gothenburg 2013.

Jan has a lot of experience attending EuroSTAR. This is his first time volunteering at the event. He will be looking after the Lean Coffee event at the Conference.


Aleksei Fedorovaleksei-fedorov

Aleksei is a Test Lead focused on test process improvement, with a broad understanding of test techniques and capabilities, imbibing experience from world test leaders. Aleksei would describe himself as often the interface between client requirements and programmers/developers, understanding business requirements and ensuring these requirements are met. He has experience in making sense and providing clarity in volatile and pressure environments and managing qualitative delivery against milestones.

Aleksei is looking forward to leading the Open Space at EuroSTAR which runs from 10:15 – 12:00 on Thursday


Test Lab

Those of you who have attended a EuroSTAR event before will be familiar with the Test Lab. It’s the place and space to try out testing puzzles, engineer robots, try out the Challenges and more. This year the founders of the Test Lab are returning as Masters and will be joined with two new apprentices.


James LyndsayTutorial I_James Lyndsay

James has been testing since 1986, and has worked independently since setting up Workroom Productions in 1994. As a consultant, he’s worked in a variety of businesses and project styles; from retail to telecommunications, from rapidly-evolving internet start-ups to more traditional large-scale enterprise. He’s worked to technical requirements for companies that make and sell software, to commercial requirements for companies that buy and use software, and to unexpected requirements everywhere. He’s been in and out of agile (and Agile) teams since 2002. James was an internal irritant to the ISEB exam process for five years, is a regular speaker and occasional teacher, runs LEWT (the London Exploratory Workshop in Testing) and has won prizes for his papers. He was awarded the EuroSTAR Software Testing Excellence Award in 2015 for his contribution to testing in Europe.


Bark Knaackbart knaack

Bart Knaack is an all round IT professional working for the Dutch company Professional Testing BV. He is a well known speaker at numerous different conferences including EuroSTAR, Agile Testing Days and more. Bart is one of the co-founders of the Test Lab along with James. He will be bringing some exciting challenges to the Test Lab this year and will be co-host, with James of the Test Lab Party.



Eddy BriunW2 - Eddy Bruin

Eddy Bruin has been working as a test consultant from the beginning of 2008. His passion lies in the areas of agile, testing, usability and mobile. He helps teams in enabling feedback loops in order to deliver better products. Eddy loves giving training on Agile Testing and to discuss the topic over a special beer. Eddy currently is a QA lead for an international courier.



Stefana Ioana Chioreanstefana-ioana-chiorean-cropped

Ioana is a software engineer that has more than 6 years testing experience with a specialization in mobile apps. Currently located in Romania she is leading a small team in an outsourcing company. In her free time she contributes to Open Source projects while enjoying a coffee or a good wine. She is the Module Owner for Mozilla Reps and one of the MozTechSpeakers.


Test Clinic

If you have a testing problem that you currently cant solve, the Test Clinic is the place for you to get it resolved. Our Test Lab doctors will be on hand to help fix any issue you have and if they cant solve the problem, we have a number of consultant experts to help you during the Conference week.


Christin WiedemannChristin Wiedemann Test Clinic

Christin received her Master of Science at Stockholm University in 2001  in particle physics.  In 2007 she obtained my Ph.D. before starting work as a developer.  Christin found her “true role” as a tester after moving into that area.  Currently Christin works at PQA – a software testing consulting company with 100 employees working out of five different offices located across Canada. As Co-CEO she is focused on delivery excellence along with continued efforts to drive PQA’s research and method development in the Chief Scientist role.


Arpad TothArpad Toth

Arpad started his career as a Java developer at Nokia Siemens Network.  Quickly he moved into software testing. His love for testing resulted in home being the youngest engineer who has obtained all ISTQB certification in Hungary. Arpad  became a subcontractor for many companies as a freelance test consultant. He has been involved more than 40 IT projects. In 2014 Arpad founded his own consultancy called Evertest.


EuroSTAR Cadets

Finally the EuroSTAR Cadets will play an important role this year. They are on site to help you find your way around. They will be giving directions, can answer any questions you might have and are happy to help out with any queries that you might have.

This year’s cadets are Devran Yildirim & Tatjana Kruglova. 

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