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Microsoft are delighted to announce that they will be presenting an award at the EuroSTAR 2011 Gala Awards.

  • 17/11/2011
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The EuroSTAR 2011 Gala Awards will take place on Thursday, 24th November at 8pm, in the magnificent Monastery in Manchester. Such as the place itself has an inspiring and intriguing story to tell, we hope to hear your stories.

The award will be presented to the best story which articulates ‘Developer & Tester Collaboration’ addressing the main advantages of bringing these distinct teams and skill sets together.

All entries to be sent to us no later than Friday 18th November by midday and be a maximum of 500 words while entries can be based on any developer/testing solution. Please send your entry through to [email protected] and our internal panel will judge each story with the winner being announced on the night.

As an incentive, in addition to this Microsoft Award, we would also like to offer the winner an invitation for 2 people to attend one of the following training courses. These will be held at our Microsoft office in Reading;

• 3 day Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 overview course (March 2012)*
• 2 day Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Test Manager and Coded UI Deep Dive (Feb or April 2012)*

*Dates of the training courses have already been set and are not transferable.

We very much look forward to reading your stories and celebrating with you at the EuroSTAR Gala Awards.

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