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The mindset change for an Agile Tester

  • 21/08/2012
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On traditional projects, testers tend to join the project after coding has started, orsometimes almost finished. Testers and programmers may not communicate except through the defect tracking system. On agile projects, testing skills are very important but can be applied in different ways. Janet talks about some of the ways to change a tester’s mindset from “How can I break the software?” to “How can I help deliver software successfully?” Part of that mind-set change, is learning how to test early and incrementally.

Watch the webinar:



As there was an overwhelming response during the Q&A session answers will be posted on the EuroSTAR blog separate to the recording. Once these are up we will let you know via our Facebook &Twitter profiles so make sure you are connected with us so you don’t miss out!


An agile testing coach and practitioner, Janet Gregory is the co-author of Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams and a contributor to 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know. Janet specializes in showing agile teams how testers can add value in areas beyond critiquing the product; for example, guiding development with business-facing tests. For the past ten years, Janet has been working with teams to transition to agile development, and teaches agile testing courses and tutorials worldwide. Janet contributes articles to publications such as Better Software, Software Test & Performance Magazine and Agile Journal, and enjoys sharing her experiences at conferences and user group meetings around the world. Janet was named one of the 13 Women of Influence in testing by Software Test & Performance magazine – January 2010 issue. For more about Janet’s work, visit or visit her blog at

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