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Move towards the Higher Levels of QA Maturity

  • 26/08/2011
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Software testing and quality assurance has assumed huge significance over the past few years and the reasons are plenty like superior quality, minimized costs, and shorter time-to-market that drive the demand for it. Though most enterprises have realized the value of separating testing from development, they often tend to fail in implementing better QA practices across their organization due to several factors such as tightly controlled budgets, stricter timelines, and lack of specialized testing expertise and proven methodologies.

Inappropriate planning and ineffective testing can lead to the delivery of low quality software or software that doesn’t meet customer and stakeholder expectations. Despite the growing importance of testing, most organizations still lack the maturity in their enterprise testing functions and often suffer continual break-fix cycles. Today’s customer-facing, internet-based and mobile applications demand a right blend of technical and domain-specific testing techniques and methodologies. A further dynamic approach to test coverage is needed to cut down costs of unnecessary tests while at the same time implement best practices and ensure sufficient coverage in testing.

Outsourcing testing tasks to third-party independent testing service providers will help in building better QA practices, ultimately moving towards the higher levels of QA Maturity. With significant IP investments across test process standardization, test labs and automation tools, test-centric vendors can offer enterprises any specific testing expertise or end-to-end testing services as part of a larger practice. They can provide enterprises with a breadth of testing services, specialized testing practices, proven methodologies and processes, cloud-based testing services, and the necessary expertise in automation frameworks and test process assessments.

Test Centers of Excellence (TCoEs) will offer enterprises the ability to generate supernormal benefits by bringing together people and infrastructure into a centralized testing model for standardizing processes and optimizing resource utilization. The vendor holds the responsibility to plan all the facets of the testing activities. Outsourced managed TCoEs can bring in the ability to establish and maintain a rigorous testing practice that is focused on defect detection and resolution, testing support and domain specific expertise.

The ability of the independent testing specialists to catch up with latest innovations, tools, technologies, and methodologies in the QA and testing space will help enterprises to be on top of the latest technologies and launch high quality applications as quickly as possible. And more than anything else test-centric vendors will offer the commitment to help enterprises to get on the next level of performance and QA Maturity.

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