Testing Fundamentals for Experienced Testers

Speaker: Robert Sabourin

Time: 09:00, Monday

Testing fundamentals can help experienced testers expose more bugs with less effort

Through years of experience you have mastered testing in your domain. But are important bugs still slipping by? Can you transfer your skills to new applications? Why can’t others get the job done? Test fundamentals can help.

Rob Sabourin breaks testing fundamentals into five areas, philosophy, scientific method, problem solving, math and rhetoric.

Test philosophy improves purposeful testing revealing truths about what testing can and cannot do. Scientific method provides frameworks to advance knowledge confirming or refute conjectures while designing great test experiments. Many problem solving strategies exist based on modeling knowledge and the unknown.

Math (discrete, logic, combinations and probability) improves test design and result interpretation. Rhetoric skills improve tester’s communication, argumentation and persuasion.

Applying testing fundamentals focuses testing, closes gaps, eliminates waste and helps you do the right things well. Rob teaches you “how to know about what to test” and “what to know about how to test”.

About Robert Sabourin

Company Name: AmiBug.Com, Inc.

Country: Canada

Company Role: Test Consultant

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/robert-sabourin-350115118

Twitter Handle: @RobertASabourin