Testing in the Dark

Speaker: Robert Sabourin

Time: 09:30, Wednesday

Testing in the Dark

Isn't is amazing. Stakeholders drop software on our desk and expect us to test it with no requirements, no design and no product knowledge whatsoever. About the only clear thing is the absurd and unrealistic deadline. We are expected to bend over backward, spread magic pixie dust and heroically test quality into a product we never heard of before.

But testing in the dark is not impossible - and as Rob Sabourin shows it can even be a very valuable and fun experience.

Learn strategies to emerge from a murky fog into clear meaningful quality insights. Leverage unlikely sources about what stakeholders care about and what users really need the software to do.

Rob will introduce you to methods of reconnaissance style, charter driven, and session based, exploratory testing and will help you provide meaningful estimates to stakeholders with hardly any hard information about the software under test.

Rob shares recent experiences testing in the dark on chaotic turbulent projects turning his product ignorance into a testing superpower.

Join Rob’s quest to find important bugs’ fast, testing in the dark, and you too will see the light!


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About Robert Sabourin

Company Name: AmiBug.Com, Inc.

Country: Canada

Company Role: Test Consultant

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/robert-sabourin-350115118

Twitter Handle: @RobertASabourin