Context Driven Test Process Improvement

Speaker: Björn Kinell

Time: 10:30, Wednesday

As a test consultant the context changes with every new assignment. You try to improve the test process as much as you can depending on how much the context permits it. But it wasn’t until I got an assignment where it was my only job to improve the test process that I started structuring and modeling the work that I did.

The mission of test process improvement is to identify activities that improves the testing. I have produced a model that partly uses the Heuristic Test Strategy Model (HTSM) by James Bach to identify problems, prioritize and plan actions for a improved test process. I have used the model in two vastly different contexts and I will share my experience using the model.

It is a story about how structuring and modeling your work can improve your work and learning.


About Björn Kinell

Company Name: Bybrick Elevate

Country: Sweden

Company Role: Test Lead


Twitter Handle: @bkinell1