Testing Cloud Native Applications

Speaker: Pini Reznik

Time: 11:45, Wednesday

What is Cloud Native Application and is it different from any other software we've been building over last few decades?
Cloud Native applications are distributed in their nature and require different set of technologies such as containers, serverless, dynamic scheduling distributed data stores and many more. They also require division of software components into smaller services (microservices) to allow effective use of clouds, but as well, new organisational patterns such as DevOps and SRE.

The next question is: how does it affect the testing? The answer is fairly clear: Cloud native leaves almost no space for manual testing and requires full test automation coverage to allow effective Continuous Integration and Deliver processes.

In addition, the testing practices and tools are changing to accommodate the new paradigm.
In this talk, I will explain the Cloud native world and show the challenges companies are facing while moving there.

About Pini Reznik

Company Name: Container Solutions

Country: netherlands

Company Role: CTO

LinkedIn: pinireznik

Twitter Handle: pini42