Testing with Good Intentions

Speaker: Shmuel Gershon

Time: 14:30, Wednesday

To become better at testing, we have to pinpoint what makes the DNA of a good tester.
This talk tries to define properties of testers that we can attribute to the trait of intentionality. It asks what makes a tester intentional? What is inside a purpose to test?
There is a point in time in which a tester makes an action and can't explain it. Or in which a team is working on a product and it feels driven by inertia, no information is being chased. For self-conscious professionals, such points are puzzling, often taxing. What can help return the intellectual engagement? We argue that it is intentionality - a purposeful way of testing. The parts of intentional testing in this context are the existence of Purpose (testing deliberately, knowing why we test), the existence of a Plan (testing orderly, knowing what we test) and the existence of Self-Awareness (testing consciously, knowing our role on it).

The talk is presented through a series of thought experiments (a technique borrowed from philosophy discussions). For example:
- What if a parallel earth was commanded by our actions? Would they be testing too?
- What if a day repeated itself? Can we judge people value according to their results?
- Can a tester follow a completely random process? And if so, is he any good?
- Is an efficient automata a better tester than a tester? And if not, what is it missing?

Through these thinking-stories, we will define step by step that a Plan is not enough, a Purpose is not enough, and that both together are complemented by the tester's Awareness.

About Shmuel Gershon

Company Name: Intel Corp

Country: Israel

Company Role: Tester

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sgershon/

Twitter Handle: @sgershon