How To Test A LED-Bar Longer Than The Eiffeltower?

Speaker: Ard Kramer

Time: 14:30, Wednesday

Maybe you’ve seen it shining, when you visited platform 1 or 2 at train station Schiphol Airport: a LED Bar of more than 330 meters! This bar informs train passengers: where will the train stop and where are the doors? The reason to implement this bar is  spread the crowd over the platform in order to avoid dangerous situations on the platform and find a better spot to enter the train safely. 

To achieve this situation an innovative product needed to be developed. Because no one on the world ever developed this kind of large LED-bar, the Dutch Railways (NS) had to find partners. In one year, with the help of different partners, the complete development and implementation of the LED-bar was done. A year in which a suspension construction, the hardware and software of the LED-bar and control software needed to be designed, developed, tested and connected with also the implementation on train station Schiphol Airport. 

From the point of view of software development and testing we were challenged by the following questions:- How to develop a minimum valuable product, suited for only train station Schiphol Airport (but also ready to be used at other train stations)- How to integrate the different parts? They were tested separate what are the risks that we mitigated (during integration)?In the presentation we will tell more about the different (test)steps: which product risks did we see and how did we deal with these risks? How did we deploy stubs, drivers, dashboard and other parts of the product, which were developed independent from each other?

Our journey ended in the real world of train station Schiphol Airport: will the integration be successful while we test in the production environment and the risk showing wrong information to the passengers on the platform?We will tell you more about our questions and experiences and we will give the attendees interesting insights in the creation by showing some physical parts and giving a live demo of the LED-bar.

About Ard Kramer

Company Name: Improve Quality Services

Country: Netherlands

Company Role: Test manager


Twitter Handle: @ard_kramer


Co-Speaker Name: Dennis Schouten

Co-Speaker Bio:

Dennis is responsible as Test manager for systems that generate information for train travelers. He is working at the Dutch Railways where he works in a complex environment. The LED-bar is a part of this complex environment and architecture, therefore he worked closely together with Ard to get the project to a successful end.