Journey to Effective Reporting - Make the Impact!

Speaker: Vojtěch Barta

Time: 14:30, Wednesday

Fortunately, nowadays, we have tools that can provide us with dozens of reports in seconds and we can measure and visualize almost everything.

But every coin has two sides.

We often forget what is the purpose of reporting, why we do it and what impact we want to make. We just generate and deliver dozens of charts, tables, numbers but ...
... nobody reads ...
... nobody understands ...
... nobody cares ...
and most importantly - there is no impact.

I would like to share with you how to avoid such wasting following "simple" steps applicable to any reporting
1) What is the problem?
2) Why should I measure it?
3) What would be the impact?
4) What to measure and how to visualize it?
5) How to evoke emotions as the key to the same understanding and real impact?
6) If there is a problem, solve it. If it works, carry on.
6) How to measure the impact?

About Vojtěch Barta

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Company Role: QA Lead, Scrum Master

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