Agile Testing in a Formal Organisation

Speaker: Egbert Bouman

Time: 16:00, Wednesday

The Dutch Central Bank embraces agile. But boy, they really didn’t know how to make sense of ‘agile testing’ where accountability and formality was key! Nevertheless, frequent delivery, ‘automate all’, agile governance and automated testing became the norm.

That was and is quite a challenge because in a formal and control-oriented organization like DCB, agile practices cannot be applied ‘straight from the Scrum guide’. DNB is not Spotify and cannot and will not be so in the future. So from the beginning we had to find out how to bring accountability in agile.  We succeeded to a great extent and if your environment is more like DCB than Spotify, you’ll definitely take advantage from our experiences.

Two key players in the transition were Egbert Bouman (agile / test transition coach from Valori) and Robin Esman (community lead of the DNB test community). Egbert and Robin were responsible for the projects 'Agile Growth Accelerator' and 'Test Growth Accelerator'. They are convinced that in the near future more and more organizations will realize that they are more like DNB than Spotify and that they can benefit from the approach presented.

We’re here for you to share our lessons learned and a number of great and immediately usable tools.

Robin and Egbert will cater for a fun and entertaining presentation, packed with sound advice, tips, tricks an take-aways!

About Egbert Bouman

Company Name: Valori Testing & Acceptance

Country: Netherlands

Company Role: Expert, thought leader


Twitter Handle: @egbertbouman


Co-Speaker Name: Robin Esman

Co-Speaker Bio:

Robin is an experienced IT professional, who started his career as a sales consultant at Sogeti. He fullfilled a variety of roles at DCB and is now a process manager and community lead.