Front-End Web Performance Analysis - Speedup Your Performance Testing Feedback

Speaker: Mais Tawfik Ashkar

Time: 09:00, Tuesday

Have you been responsible for performance testing a new web application or a new feature and was asked to provide fast performance feedback before you script and execute a full end-to-end performance test? Did you find yourself amidst an influx of questions on how does the site perform or why a page is taking too long to load but were given limited time to plan & execute your performance tests accordingly? Are you diagnosing a production issue around a slow performing transaction and would like to provide some early performance feedback and some quick wins? Or are you supporting a team responsible for such tests?

Front-end performance analysis could help you answer some questions; identify some problems early or at least narrow down the quest toward identifying the performance bottleneck. Measuring client-side (browser level) performance has become an invaluable practice especially in agile contexts to augment other traditional performance testing methods. As more functionality moves to the browser and applications become more asynchronous, front-end performance analysis becomes a necessary precursor and/or parallel step to other load and performance testing alternatives offering a relatively faster feedback loop to the teams and faster ROI. In recent years, there has been a surge of open source tools and browser profilers built to facilitate this performance testing technique. Join Mais in this session as we dive into front-end performance analysis, explore a set of tools and techniques to profile, measure, interpret, and analyze client-side performance and discuss Web Performance Optimization (WPO) principles and recommended practices.

In this session, we will:

• Introduce front-end performance analysis.
• Discuss web performance optimization within the browser and recommended practices.
• Explore a set of front-end profiling tools & techniques.
• Explore examples of front-end analysis waterfalls, how to interpret, analyze, and identify performance offenders.

About Mais Tawfik Ashkar

Company Name: PerfNG, LLC

Country: United States

Company Role: Principal Performance Engineering Consultant/Owner


Twitter Handle: @MaisTawfik