Testing In The Hundred Microservices World: When The Pyramid Becomes An Hourglass

Speaker: Isa Vilacides

Time: 16:45, Tuesday

We went from testing monoliths applications and its challenges to testing integrations of hundreds of microservices and that comes at a price: brittle, slow, and infra dependent tests. How can you have robust, fast, reliable and well-scoped tests? How can you be the first one to know about problems in production? And how can you guarantee a rollout plan that affects the least customers possible if something goes wrong? This talk is about my journey to get a testing strategy that was able to protect customers from dozens of releases per day of different services at the same time.

About Isa Vilacides

Company Name: CloudBees

Country: Spain

Company Role: Quality Engineering Manager

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vilacides/