Competence Is About Sharing

Time: 00:00, Thursday

I recently joined a core team that was asked to improve development and testing within a large organization. At first we did not know how to make it successful, predecessors failed despite good intentions.

We struggled against  the way deployments were done in the past: perceived as dictated without looking at the individual needs (brute force mentality). A Key part of our resolution was a network of local champions: they made us better aware of the individual needs and strengths. We finally received the input to tune the approach, catering to local variability. The core team now collects and shares knowledge across teams and integrates proven practices into the overall approach.

Essential for our success: common understanding of our goal – less issues at the customer; local champions with a clear mandate and time to support their co-workers; a hands-on workshop where engineers bring their own material; a support team that improves environments and frameworks; management commitment by continuously sharing good results and explaining that in this day and age, it’s unacceptable to deliver without proper quality.

I will share the trials, mistakes and good discussions that are leading to a successful approach for deliveries of better software.