Welcoming New Speakers to the Keynote Stage!

This November, in Prague, at the 27th EuroSTAR Conference there will be an exciting new style of talk – a Next Generation Keynote. The Next Generation Keynotes will be on the main auditorium stage (or as we like to call it .. the ‘rock star stage’) and will be shared by three accomplished speakers; Adonis Celestine, Shelley Lambert and Ryan Volker, each taking 15 minutes to share their best talk with the entire audience of EuroSTAR delegates. Each of the Next Generation Keynotes will be mentored by Fiona Charles in the lead in to the 2019 conference

The Next Generation Keynote session has been created to help encourage existing speakers to develop their speaking career and move to the next level. At EuroSTAR, we want to help inspire ideas, generate solutions and drive innovation in testing to benefit the entire community. We all learn from each other and as part of our ethos to help testers reach their full potential, we also help speakers – we look forward to welcoming the 2019 Next Generation Keynotes to the EuroSTAR stage!


Adonis Celestine EuroSTAR Speaker

Why do Lifts have Mirrors?

Adonis Celestine – Technology Consultant, Cognizant, Netherlands

Two seconds is all it takes for a customer to declare a page to be too slow and move on. With more companies becoming digital, providing outstanding customer experiences has become a single differentiating factor of successful products. But human perception of quality, performance & experience are fluid and several factors control it. How can we ensure right customer experience? How do customers perceive the performance of your app? This presentation provides answers to these questions and provide practical and radical techniques to improve overall experiences. To solve customer’s problem, think like one. Measure customer’s perspective, not just the servers. Being digital is all about being more human.


  1. Customer Experience Assurance
  2. Learn about perceived performance
  3. New ideas to incorporate CX as part of quality assurance
Shelley Lambert Speaker at EuroSTARConf

The Art of Scaffolding

Shelley Lambert – Global Test Lead, IBM, Canada

“The Art of Scaffolding” refers to an approach to agile and open development, and speaks of the cultural requirements to enable building something from nothing. Shelley discusses fast issue response, the ability to unblock dependent teams and how to still deliver quality solutions over the span of several open projects. She reminds us all how important it is to dream big and have fun while achieving project goals. She draws from her own experiences and gives candid examples of ways to both enliven or destroy the social culture of an open project. Short of being a cautionary tale, through this presentation, Shelley speaks directly to those who want to make their projects buzz with activity and contributors.


  1. Building something from nothing doesn’t just take technical skill, it takes communication and empathy.
  2. Building communities and trust helps projects grow and ‘sing’.
  3. Agile teams and open-source projects are a microcosm of the human experience.
Ryan Volker Speaker at EuroSTAR

Hey Testers, Justify your existence!

Ryan Volker – Head of Product Engineering, TargoBank, Germany

Hey Testers, what is your value? I hope you have a clear and persuasive answer to this. Because if not, well, you definitely need one. There is a slow-motion attack against the testing profession: Testing is expensive, new tools make testing redundant and traditional testing often clashes with deployment speeds. Now more than ever, testers are forced to justify their existence. So, what’s your value? There are dozens of essential characteristics and skills of good testers – you can find a list in any testing blog or book highlighting soft skills. But these publications are typically written by testers for testers. What does the customer value? I know this because as a product owner I’ve observed countless characteristics and skills from testers that either validate or diminish their value and ability to work well. Now I manage testing teams, and I take these lessons and highlight one skill that truly helps demonstrate value and ensure you continue working well: act as an advisor, not as a salesperson.

Join me on this Next Generation Keynote to gain a new perspective and learn how to overcome this slow-motion attack to proudly demonstrate your testing value.


  1. Develop a new response to the key question: Hey Tester, justify your existence?
  2. Gain ideas and impulses for demonstrating your value to the customer today AND tomorrow
  3. Discover how to working well can disrupt the status quo