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Nice to meet you! – by Shmuel Gershon

  • 06/10/2010
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I’m Shmuel Gershon, and I’ll be sharing here a few blog posts for the BlogStar competition.
Together with a lot of other colleagues, we’ll be collaborating to bring diverse content during the next two months (see the list of participants here).

Who am I?

My experience with computers dates back to when I was a little kid, but I’ll not take you that way back…
I am a testing engineer at Intel Corporation. I used to work as a programmer for 4 years, but that wasn’t half as fun as being a tester, so I’ve been testign for the past 5 years. Testing computer software and studying of the relationship between computers and people is a fascinating subject.

I’ll be writing here about testing philosophy, about testing techniques, about current matters in testing and about funny things too!

What’s my main message?

Our civilization runs on software. And yet we are growing used to software that’s unreliable – when no blatantly wrong or misleading to our needs. Software quality is a very interesting and comprehensive subject, but at the same time riddled with myths, poor practices and conformity.

Improving this situation is a daunting mission that calls for brave people: We need skilled individuals and teams who can understand and question value, technology and business. We need teams that can make and use powerful techniques and tools. And we need individuals that can communicate information with relevance and truth.

You can find me online on twitter (@sgershon) and on my blog (
Stay tuned for the next articles, and don’t be shy to post in the comments subjects you would like me to cover.

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