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October Webinar Series – Sneak Preview!

  • 09/10/2013
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One week to go!!!

Join us next week for the latest webinar series brought to you by the EuroSTAR Community. This series will begin with a webinar by Michael Cooper & Toby Marsden which discusses how development and testing teams confront a range of challenges such as compressed release cycles in fast-moving iterations and Agile sprints, as well as limited or no access to services and application components, which delay mobile, cloud-sourced or cloud-delivered, and composite application projects.

Vishal Mehrotra & Ruediger Spies will then look at the future of Test Automation followed by Intelligent Testing, a TCS Assurance concept that is changing the way the world looks at software testing. Iain McCowatt will wrap up the series by using examples drawn from three of his recent projects in the banking industry to explore the dynamics of commoditization and introduces a quality model that can be used for framing the value of testing services.

What can I expect?







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