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Offshore Independent Testing: Add Value To Your Application Testing and Validation Process

  • 13/09/2012
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Independent testing of a software application is crucial to its robustness and unhindered end user experience. It adds value to the application by enabling high quality and successful software systems, helps in the quick completion of the task, reduces cost and time, and enables clients to focus on their core competencies. Right from efficient functioning to accounting and customer services, today’s businesses depend on IT applications to a great extent. Whether it is an insurance company or a banking wizard or a tiny business, their credibility and operational process demand highly effective software assuring quality, hassle-free functioning, and assured services to end users. Independent testing helps verify an application comprehensively and validate its full range of functions, assuring that it fully complies with the objective of expected use.

Applications developed for e-learning, e-commerce, and mobile sectors exclusively focus on gaining business credence through customer satisfaction. A professional vendor offering independent testing services uses the best procedures and practices that look into security, performance, function, and usability from an impartial perspective, leading to diagnosis of bugs and bottlenecks, thus hindering efficacy of the software. Today’s service providers also check applications for regression testing and test automation development thoroughly, ensuring that both front end and back end sets work in tandem bulwarking against any failure.

The success of a web application directly depends on how the testing is done during the development process. Does cost and technology play truant? Do testing by offshore vendors create cost and time overruns? Not at all. Rather, offshore independent testing vendors are highly qualified and have the latest technology that helps in simultaneous testing and QA of software during the development phases to verify adherence to project objectives and goals. Such support boosts strategic significance of QA consulting while segregating nonchalant issues from the beginning.

The cost is almost 60 percent less when a business deploys an offshore independent testing vendor. Plugging holes at the earliest enable developers to fast track development and introduce applications well before time and save costs of remodeling. Apart from monetary terms, these software testing vendors, with their ready-to-use test packs and experienced QA consultants, enable completion of testing ahead of time, assuring you early market introduction advantage. A business has now dependable employees without any investment and overhead cost.

Competency is a big concern when we talk about independent testing vendors. The concern is right, though cultural limitations are not propping it up. The variation in technology sometimes induces a rethink. But offshore testing excellence labs of vendors are not only well equipped, but also have competent in-house professionals with on-site and off-site testing experience. The usual process involves both unit and component testing as well as integrated testing, assuring 100 percent fault-free functioning. Their regular training courses enable employees to know about the latest developments, adhere to international delivery standards, and excel in every task.

Businesses can expect tailored strategy and use of the latest automation open source and licensed tools. Testing automation is another area where developers can rely on independent testing vendors for testing services of any scale and range. Consider the case of selenium automation framework. As a cost-effective open source testing framework, selenium automation testing is ideal for attesting quality, reliability, integration, and compatibility of web applications in popular programming languages, browsers, and platforms. Selenium automation testing tool involves creation of HTML initial test scripts in a real environment, enhancement and modification of test cases and addition of programmatic verifications, script maintenance using Selenium software testing tool that helps make changes to the existing test cases. Professionals working at our labs have adequate expertise and test packs for testing functionality of web-based applications and graphical user interface using this framework. They can integrate it with various tools for further operational ease and better security, interoperability, and functionality.

Independent software testing vendors operating from offshore labs have been progressively adopting best practices that conform to international quality and are well-organized to deliver a predictable result. Effective test management, starting from planning, developing, organizing, and assessing to controlling, executing, and coordinating all activities involved in the overall software development and testing effort, assure timely completion of the tasks. Test management tools give you the ability to organize and schedule the tests, which may be run overnight with an integrated test management and automation system. The best practices for testing add value to the overall software development and testing efforts and increase efficiency by reducing the time spent on tracking and analyzing test results while allowing you to run a greater number of tests quickly with more accurate results.

Offshore independent software testing has immense benefits and can ensure budget optimization for Quality Assurance. Offshore testing uses high quality of talent at a comparatively low cost owing to geography/location for performing functions that would otherwise be more expensive than onshore testing and is thus considered a viable and cost-effective option for quality assurance. Hiring an offshore team ensures that clients can focus on their core competencies without having to worry about quality assurance, which may help them save up to as low as 60-70% of the overall QA budget. Besides budget optimization for QA, the offshore partner also focuses on problem identification and documentation, since it is more familiar with the process of quality improvement, thus helping clients focus on sales and marketing efforts.


Mohammad Asad Khan is the Co-Founder of 360logica, a premier offshore software testing company offering services for all types of independent software testing needs across all sectors, including customized testing and high-class QA consulting. With years of experience behind him in the field of information and technology, Asad also serves as the Vice President, Business Development, at 360logica software testing services. A dynamic professional with, he steers its marketing and management objectives since 2008 by virtue of his rich expertise and experience in business development, strategic planning, project management, and quality assurance process testing and setup. Asad’s management skills and knowledge of the industry has helped 360logica win hearts of clients across all industries. He has led 360logica efforts to develop matchless testing skills and infrastructure, client-centric communication strategy, and excellent customer service record, key to help clients derive maximum benefits at minimum cost.

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