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One week in Germany and One week to go for EuroSTAR 2010

  • 23/11/2010
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Most of us like pleasant surprises and it was my turn to experience one such surprise when my manager called for a 1-1 meeting. I was asked to travel to Germany for two full weeks to attend some training sessions. This was my second international trip this year after the VISTACON conference in Vietnam. The trip to Vietnam was relatively a short one and my first experience of air-travel.

With lots of interesting experience at hotel, airport(s), flights and the wonderful conference I was prepared for the trip to Germany.

Flight tickets ready.

Travellers Cheques ready.

Hotel booking ready.

Relevant documents ready.

Cool!!! I arrive four hours before the flight departure – in time for the Weekend Testing America’s first session. One cannot ask for more than 20 participants for a first session. :) Once the mission was announced, I realize that I cannot participate in the session 100% as I am connected from my mobile. The session was based on pairing and I try to call Michael Bolton who is also participating in the session. Due to connection issues, I am forced to be a silent spectator throughout the session.

Little did I realize that the entire Skype session ate up 90% of my mobile battery.  A new test idea?

I was aware of the in-flight entertainment system and wanted to find some bugs :) And I found a crash – Application Error while playing a game of chess against the computer. Just when I was successful in making a pawn promotion the Application Error popped up. I could not capture the image as mobile battery was dead due to the Skype session. I missed noting the moves I made. Even though there is no guarantee that the computer would play the same moves, it was worth a try. Poor note taking on my part?

Flight was delayed by an hour and that meant I had to rush to catch the connecting flight at Dubai. I arrive in Germany, no trace of luggage for 20 minutes and I hear a sound similar to my first name. Yes, my guess was right. I am at Germany and luggage is at Dubai. I had all the important contact details in the small book (which does not need a battery) and that helped when I reached Germany.Talk about importance of Backup.

Once I reach office, I get a laptop with keyboard of German layout.  Run > charmap  – the first @dailytestingtip helped me a lot till I got used to the different keyboard layout.

The experience of different time zone & work culture is a good learning for me. Over the last one week, I had sessions with different internal customers – programmers, product managers, tech support and every session was unique. Each one of them had a totally unique thought process. Team work, Collaboration, Resourcing was highlighted.

With less than a week left for the EuroSTAR conference and a secret conference within the conference, I am excited. I arrive on Nov 27th at Copenhagen. Feel free to contact me at or [email protected] We can meet up before the conference.

Looking forward to meet many colleagues from the software testing community. See you at Copenhagen.

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