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Why pay more? New Age Testing: As a Service

  • 23/08/2012
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With technology advancing at breakneck pace, interfacing platforms have become more significant as the interaction medium for customers and internal functions. Centre of this change being, Virtualization. The e-Experience is delivered over a multitude of platforms and devices across disparate channels. Such technologies, having the potential to revolutionize an industry, create a gap owing to the dissonance between conventional and new age business models.

Cognizant’s fastest is a novel initiative on how quality assurance will be delivered and our way to prepare for the future.

The idea in brief: Every business that earlier involved face-to-face interaction is now e-enabled and services follow a commodity lifecycle. If so, then can we deliver canned IT services as commodities over an ecommerce platform? That’s exactly what we intend to do!

Pay as you talk, Pay per second are some common phrases we have gotten used to, thanks to Mobile services providers. Making a radical shift, fastest claims, Pay as you go; Resources, tools and infrastructure for all your testing needs, with the right mix of predictive modeling, cloud and Just in time principles! Transforming business is now just a step away.

The fastest crew comprises of seasoned quality engineering stewards and high energy millenials – A perfect blend to incubate emerging technologies! The initiative is peppered with concepts such as real time pricing, digitized documentation, pay as you use models, crowd on cloud and the likes.

Ascribed to the next generation work culture, the team strongly believes in cult and community philosophies. We relish challenges and operate on a different package of performance attributes. Enterprise confidence and collaboration is key to our success.

Testing on-demand and by the unit is now made possible to improve time-to-market, cost and efficiencies owing to the digitized platform, secure crowd and consumption based pricing.

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yega_photo_83x88Yega has around 12 years of strong leadership and IT consulting experience, delivering quantifiable results in diverse, rapidly changing global environ

ments. He is an expert in business transformation, cross functional team building, process design and quality engineering. In his current role as program leader for the on-demand test services initiative at Cognizant, Yega focuses on business model redesign to help customers achieve better ROI through technology and predictive modeling techniques.

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