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Performance in another perspective by Ard Kramer

  • 28/09/2010
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Time is artificial, a worldwide agreement to make things measurable. Testers are often asked to test the performance of a system and we do this by measuring based on time. Although time and performance are artificial and personal, business executives let us know that the performance of a system must not be to low or even better: higher and higher. But have you ever wondered why? Do customers really want their system to   be faster and faster? Must everything in our society be faster, bigger, greater? What does this bring us?

In an interesting book* I am reading about time the writer states that you should also make time for boredom. In times of boredom we are at our most creative. Our brains are at rest and make the important connections between experiences, emotions and facts. Think for example about the brilliant ideas you have when taking a shower or doing the dishes.

The opposite, continuously being alert and working hard, for example when you are testing all day long, results in you becoming dumber (and this is proven!). Your brains will be overloaded and have no time to recover and reinvent things.

This can only lead to one conclusion:

Automate your tests and use the time when the tests are running for boredom. It makes your new test cases more creative, better and you will explore strange new worlds (huh?). Instead of steam out your ears (probably a Dutch expression, see my first blog) because the project manager is pushing your limits, stay at ease and relax and think about your own performance.

*book title in Dutch; Stil de tijd: pleidooi voor een langzame toekomst by Joke J. Hermsen (title translated in english: stop the time: a plea for a slow future)

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