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Performance Testing Matters!!!

  • 05/10/2010
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matthew 9In this age of fast, faster, fastest, the performance of any software application/system is an important yardstick of evaluation of the application/system under consideration. ‘Need for speed’ is the want of every end user. Easy and fast user experience is mentioned in every customer’s requirement. But then in spite of this, what we observe is performance testing activities are usually sidelined as people fail to consider its importance, coupled with lack of performance testing knowledge.

Why consider performance testing? Do we really need to pay heed to performance testing?

Across all levels of an organization, be it management, infrastructure, technology or application level , only an optimum performing application can yield best results . E.g. Only if a properly performing application is delivered to the customers/clients will the management be able to keep the client happy and satisfied. From the infrastructure point, an application with good performance will ensure proper utilization of the network resources, hardware resources. Similarly also at the technology and the application level

It’s important to consider performance testing

v  To achieve the required response times for business transactions, to help obtain faster response times over a period of time.

v  To achieve reduction in hardware costs

v  To achieve increase in user/customer base , which in the long run will  lead to customer loyalty

v  To facilitate lesser customer service calls; which can be used as a mark of better customer satisfaction

v  All this eventually means increase in revenue, which is the core objective of any business enterprise


In most organizations, due to budgetary constraints, performance testing may not be considered. But then what people fail to realize is “The bitter taste of poor quality/ performance lingers long after the sweet taste of low price has been forgotten. “Even in projects where Performance is carried out, it is not given due importance. It’s something that is left to be done in the end and then due to time constraints is simply rushed with and hence project teams are not able to get the real value from the PT service.

So all that I want to say is ‘Performance Testing of your application is vital! ‘and so if you do not do performance testing for your applications, it would be good thing to start doing it J  and for those of us , who already do it , let’s do it better !  J

Twiz Time : One of the main reasons for  __________ tests is to identify issues like memory leaks

Anybody game for a testing crossword?   If yes, please check this post of mine /blog/2010/9/29/bring-out-your-pencil-and-paper-.aspx and send in your answers. It’s simple ! so give it a shot   J

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