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Peter Morgan; A Patron of Community at EuroSTAR

  • 26/10/2015
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  • Posted by Erkki Poyhonen

Peter Morgan, the soul of the Hub

Last year Peter Morgan who has been a major contributor to the creation and continuation of the Community Hub (now the Community Huddle) at EuroSTAR announced that he will be retiring from his role. In an acknowledgement of his role, his friend and fellow EuroSTAR regular Erkki Pöyhönen describes Peter’s contribution to the community over the past number of years. 


I first met Peter Morgan at EuroSTAR 2003 in Amsterdam. Besides the beautiful Amsterdam it was also in other ways a special conference for me:
– I won a digital camera in and Expo raffle (I never win anything!),
– a friend and later colleague Ståle Amland asked me to join his programme committee for EuroSTAR 2004 (and few weeks later asked me to take over as the programme chair), and

– I learned to know Peter Morgan.

In 2003 at EuroSTAR, Peter organised a set of short testing book reviews — at start of each plenary session he presented a testing book and told his view on it and why Th1 - Peter Morgan_102everybody should read it. It was a very enjoyable sessions. Then on the breaks he was very willing to discuss the books he had presented, and it was evident that he had read quite a well many more than the ones presented.

Overall I got the impression that Peter has enjoyed learning things  and testing so much so that he soon developed an alias of a perfect tester/consultant that he called Brett Gonzales. We have witnessed Brett’s adventurous journeys on various blog posts surrounding the EuroSTAR world. (Some memorable Brett stories are linked at the end of this). The dry humour of the stories was sometimes in-joke-oriented but definitely intelligently funny. That’s Peter.

The most important aspect of Peter is giving — on one EuroSTAR I asked some friends whether they have any dinner plans yet, and they asked me to join them. I found myself on a large round table prepared to pay my own share. But in the end of a very nice dinner Peter personally took the bill and paid the whole thing just saying, “Well, I had a good year”. That’s Peter.

At some point the social aspect or EuroSTAR needed more focus as the track sessions, plenary sessions and Expo were just not enough for people. So there was introduction of Test Lab and the Testing Hub. Peter took the Hub very personally and managed it wonderfully from the start with other generous people, like Nathalie Rooseboom de Vries van Delft and others. He asked some friends and got them to do fun things for the Hub and I suppose about everybody agreed and did the lightning talks, helped in facilitation, brought people actively to the Hub, etc. “If there was fun it was in the Hub or the lab”. That’s Peter, making it easy to find a colleague and making us all talk.

Few years back Peter headed a “Conference First-timer session” at the hub that included myself and Zeger van Hese in facilitating the session. That was great fun in making it happen and a privilege to welcome people on their 1st time testing conference to “the family”. Welcoming; that’s Peter.

And now we have TEST Huddle as a virtual extension of the Hub and the re-branding this year of Community Hub as the Community Huddle. Peter claims he’s old and surely have earned his retirement. But you can take testing out of persons career but you can not take Peter (or his effect) out of the EuroSTAR.

A Brief Note About Brett Gonzales:

Brett is a member of the Nigerian Association of Kindred Ethernet Developers (NAKED) and was the first to achieve a distinction in the Software Testers Authentic Risk Knowledge exam (STARK). He modestly seldom includes these qualifications amongst the numerous other letters after his name, although colleagues sometimes mischievously ask “Have you seen Brett Gonzales STARK NAKED?”

Sample Some Brett stories as documented by Peter himself:

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