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Our Plan for EuroSTAR 2017 – TeamSTAR (KraQA is coming!)

  • 26/10/2017
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In their first post as part of their journey to EuroSTAR 2017, the TeamSTAR winners Dariusz Drezno, Tomasz Bonior, Anna Lalewicz  and Piotr Wicherski of KraQA share what they are looking forward to EuroSTAR this year. They will be at the Conference each day and will be reviewing each day with a daily video blog. Stay tuned on the EuroSTAR blog for more. 


Krakow is a place where IT has true home. Many universities (19) and and people eager to share knowledge (49 IT events only this week in Krakow) make this city great place to work. KraQA is building the community around Software Quality from 2014 and we’ve got 2k+ members and ~70 people on each event. We won tickets for EuroStar in TeamStar competition and we will come and rock you conference!


Dariusz Drezno – one of co-founders of KraQA and founder of DREDAR, seasoned QA Manager with more than 10 years of experience in leading test, technical documentation and training teams in various global companies. His background covers telecommunication, embedded systems, manufacturing execution and global distribution systems. He works also as an independent trainer and consultant helping customers to establish, lead and improve their testing, technical communication, trainings and quality management systems. Dariusz is also a lecturer at Jagiellonian and Vistula universities.

“Even if I’m in the business for almost 15 years it will be my first EuroSTAR. I’ve never qualified as a presenter, so hopefully this f2f experience will help me to make it next year. I’m looking at this especially as a networking session – time to meet other people from other countries, share experience and learn from them. I also have some old friends in Copenhagen – finally we will meet again after ages and for sure have some long discussions over beers and chess.”


Tomasz Bonior – experienced QA, Test Automation Specialist, Head of QA at Joivy Ltd, Lecturer at Jagiellonian University in Krakow and Vistula University in Warsaw. Believes that knowledge sharing is the key to grow, that’s why he co-founds QA community called KraQA and conference SkladQA. He is involved in many other QA initiatives. Occasionally off-road driver.

“One of main expectation from EuroStar is networking. Hope to have many occasions to meet people and gather some knowledge. I found lot of presentations with real examples and those will be my first choice. I hope to get back to Poland with lot of new contacts and maybe potential speakers on SkladQA.”


Anna Lalewicz – in testing software since 2013 and she’s recently added experience as an automation engineer. She has tested complex ERP systems, both desktop and web, and has been responsible for the quality of a cross-platform marketing system and banking applications.

Anna is enthusiastic about cross-functional agile teams and is not a fan of big up front planning and strategies. She believes that the tester is a caretaker of quality and combines features of different agile roles to develop products a team can be proud of. She has been contributing to KraQA meetups for two years and was a co-organiser of two editions of the testing conference SkładQA.

“This is my first time at the EuroSTAR conference. I’m going to learn about global trends in testing and development processes. Although I’ve been working for large international companies, I would love to meet colleagues working in different markets to talk about differences and similarities of our experiences.”


Piotr Wicherski – Senior Mobile Software Test Engineer working for Certified software tester, and also great enthusiast for all kind of mobile devices and mobile operating systems. In mobile world since 2008. Worked with hardware, applications and operating systems. Worked for T-Mobile, Samsung R&D, Allegro and Applause. Administrator of Testowanie Oprogramowania group on Facebook. Apart from professional work, he actively supports organisations and activities aimed at promoting knowledge and good practices in software quality. Member of Polish Software Testing Board. Mentor, speaker and organiser at events like TestWarez, TestingCup, Agile & Automation Days or Automation Guild. Lecturer for mobile applications testing at Vistula University in Warsaw.


“It will be my first EuroSTAR. My expectations are quite high. The programme looks good, there will be around 850 testers from around the World so I hope there will be space and time to talk :)
Mobile testing is my magic World, so I hope there’ll be something interesting for me too!”


Piotr Plan:

  • The Magic of the Mobile Numbers
  • The Risk Questionnaire



  • Testing With An Invisible Friend
  • The Mythical X-Shaped Tester
  • I Turned It On With my Laptop! A Year in the Life of Internet of Things
  • Testing Big Data to Predict Your Perfect Fit
  • The Tinder Project – How to Test the Right Swipes
  • Lessons Learned in Mobile Crowdtesting
  • Testing The Magic at Walt Disney Imagineering


  • Using Robots For Mobile Testing
  • Do Less Testing!
  • Embodied Vulnerabilities – Why I am Hacking My Own Heart!


Each of us is different and I think that many cases we will be sitting in 4 different tracks on conference. We’ll be doing summary of each day so stay tuned!



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