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Proud to be a Community Leader – Ard Kramer

  • 09/04/2013
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Ard Kramer is one of the 2013 EuroSTAR Community Leaders. The Community Leaders are a panel of key members of the EuroSTAR community who will be active in ensuring you, the testing community, are getting exactly what you want and need from the EuroSTAR Community both at the conference and throughout the year. To find out more about the Community Leaders and their role visit the Community Leaders Webpage.

In the blog post below Ard describes why he is proud to be one of the EuroSTAR Community Leaders.


Proud to be a Community Leader – Ard Kramer

It is a great honor to become Community Leader of EuroSTAR. After a positive application I was chosen and of course I will fulfill my task as good as I can. But if you look more closely at the words “Community Leader”, it is a quite funny combination: how can you be a leader of a community? A community is a network and leading a network is a challenge :). This doesn’t mean I (or better we) won’t try, the Community Leaders will do all kinds of things to bring EuroSTAR to your attention during the year. The EuroSTAR organization is organizing all kind of activities during the year such as webinars, e-books and competitions. And we will be available at the conference to help everybody to get the most from their experience at the conference. On the last EuroSTAR conference in Amsterdam we received some useful feedback from first year attendees and this reminded me of my first time at EuroSTAR in The Hague 2008. You are walking around trying to find your way. This is quite hard because you don’t know many people and making contact is not a thing you do right away. A year later I was speaker and that makes it easier to make contact. And I can tell you during every year it’s getting better and better: you get to know more and more people and EuroSTAR becomes a kind of reunion.

But does this help someone who is going to visit EuroSTAR for the first time this year in Gotenborg? A simple Yes is my answer because we as community leaders will help you. We will be visible for you (if you have some suggestions how you want to recognize us, please leave a comment) and we will be available for you: and also because I have a lot of fun meeting new people and to talk to you about all kind of things such as testing or any other interesting hobbies, books, movies, sport or…… And another way to get to know each other is using social media: it is very funny for example to have a lot of tweet contact before the conference and have some good digital discussions and at the congress you have right away a lot of things to talk about. And I can tell you, it works! Nothing more fun than to meet your fellow twitter friends (which happened to me many times).
And what about the title Community Leader: my simple definition of a leader is that you can only become a good leader if you are serving your people, so that is what I am going to do. I will be the Community Leader who is serving his favorite Test Community.

So let’s start making contact, you can find me @ard_kramer on twitter and we can start some interesting discussion which we can continue in Goteborg because we will meet you there.


Ard Kramer is a principal Test consultant for EclipseIT in the Netherlands. He started his test career in 1997 and worked for different companies as test manager and as project manager. Ard is experienced in project, process and change management. As a principal Test Consultant he is focused on new developments in testing and looks how innovations can be used in testing. Therefore he spoke at different congresses, such as EuroStar, Sigist, Testnet and the Belgium Testing Days. He wrote books about testing, last year together with seven Dutch colleagues he wrote “determine your course, future and trends in testing.”

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